How raw data becomes real health care insight

Technological progress is astounding. Smartphones have made it easy to get the answer to almost any question: What’s the weather today? What was the score of the Super Bowl?

Yet in health care, technology sometimes makes things complicated. Ever-evolving collection methods have created mountains’ worth of available data. While such advances have allowed payers, providers and employers to gather information they previously wouldn’t have dreamed of, making sense of it all, amid billions of data points, is another story entirely.

Luckily, all this information (including those famously hard-to-read physicians’ notes) is not only becoming manageable — it’s beginning to yield its proverbial buried treasure: insight. Just ask the folks at NYUPN’s Clinically Integrated Network — they use an Optum analytic solution to identify at-risk patients, provide better care and reduce costs.

At Optum, our health care intelligence — OptumIQ — transforms data into insights that guide action for success. It’s more than the data and analytics foundation that’s embedded in our products and services — it’s our ethos, our philosophy toward solving health care’s biggest challenges. Data and analytics, guided by the right expertise, can spark the changes our health system so clearly needs.

The insights we can uncover ultimately empower:
• Providers to evolve their practices toward value-based care
• Health plans to manage their populations’ health and well-being
• Employers to help improve the health of their employees
• Life sciences organizations to decipher how patients benefit from their therapies
• Individuals to better navigate health care

Innovating with purpose — guiding action for success
So how does it work?

Optum solutions provide our clients with blueprints to enhance care, manage costs and risks, and foster greater efficiencies. We do that by harnessing the combined power of OptumIQ — advanced data curation capabilities, leading analytics and applied health care expertise — and we equip you with:
• The wisdom from more than 26,000 experts with diverse specialties
• Cutting-edge artificial intelligence applied in pragmatic ways (like natural language processing for those pesky physicians’ notes)
• Data fluency stemming from our position at the epicenter of the health system

The data are there. The insights are waiting. Your patients, members and employees are too.

To learn more about OptumIQ, view our infographic. Interested in applying health care intelligence to achieve your organization’s goals? Contact Optum here.


About the Author: 

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Steve Griffiths, SVP and Chief Operating Officer, Optum Enterprise Analytics, Optum

Steve Griffiths has more than 20 years’ experience in health analytics management, and currently heads up the Optum Enterprise Analytics organization. His main focus is to drive growth and innovation through Optum products and services. Steve has a master’s degree in biostatistics from the University of Washington, and a PhD in health services research, policy and administration from the University of Minnesota.

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