What story can you tell about your employee benefits?

The measures and metrics that resonate with an executive are not the same as those that will resonate with other stakeholders and employees of an organization. For example, value on investment may not provide employees and their families a reason to engage with their health, but it’s crucial information for a CFO.

The information employee benefits professionals need to find the right metrics for the right audience at the right time may be buried inside mountains of data. So, how can they access these insights?

Advanced analytics are proving to be an effective solution for uncovering insights more efficiently — by allowing users to first acquire and integrate data from various sources. Combining data on eligibility, health management programs, prescription drugs, claims, laboratory results, attendance and much more helps create a complete picture of the health and wellness of an employee population.

Seeing the whole picture then allows these professionals to take things a step further — visualizing robust data in a way that easily displays patterns and trends.

Armed with actionable information, benefits management professionals can deliver a customized benefits story for each audience — one filled with insights that inform smarter business decisions.

Click here to watch an on-demand webinar to learn more about uncovering insights in employer benefits data through:

• Data integration
• Analytic enrichment
• Data visualization and reporting
• Analytic support


About the Author:

Leslie Cozatt Leslie Cozatt currently serves as Campaign Director, OptumIQ. She directs the development of content that spotlights the role of data and analytics in health care.

She brings to her role more than 20 years of experience developing B2B and B2C integrated marketing campaigns for companies including ThreeWire, Eliance and 3M.

Leslie attended the University of Minnesota and graduated from Wellington College with a BS in international business & communication.

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