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Health care industry stakeholders – health plans, care providers, employers, and government and life sciences organizations – need to understand how to identify quality care providers, services and products, track outcomes and measure engagement as they support the movement toward value-based care. But a key input for determining these factors has been largely missing from the data. It’s the patient’s point of view.

Consider life sciences. With patient input, companies can learn how a patient’s health status is impacted by the products they are using. It may also help lead to the discovery of a need for a new product.

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The patient’s perspective can also help care delivery systems and providers screen patients, employers measure employee health, and health plans and other payers identify the best care providers and products.

Thinking about health and medicine from a patient’s perspective — or patient-centered care — is one of six “aims for improvement” identified by the Institute of Medicine in its report, “Crossing the Quality Chasm: A New Health System for the 21st Century.” It’s a key component in the discussion about the value of health care.

Now it’s becoming easier to identify patient preferences, needs and experiences, thanks to technological advances in data collection.

The e-book “Using the Patient’s Voice to Bring Data to Life” explains these changes and showcases how they can be used to collect patient-centered data at scale. It also demonstrates how combining patient input with routinely collected clinical and financial data will provide a more comprehensive view of care successes and failures to help move health care forward.

Click here to read the e-book and find specific examples of how patient-sourced data can guide action in health plan, care provider, employer, government and life sciences organizations.

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Martha Bayliss, Vice President, Operations and Principal Scientist

Martha Bayliss is a Vice President and Principal Scientist in the Patient Insights group at Optum, the developers and distributors of the SF-36, SF-12 and many other patient-reported outcome surveys. She has more than 20 years of experience working with partners around health care who use PRO evidence to help meet their business objectives.

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