Provide customized care options patients can embrace

With the high costs and risks to patients’ health associated with chronic disease it makes sense to prioritize actions aimed at managing or improving the condition. But what if a patient isn’t inclined to accept the recommendations? Can you still work to improve care and financial outcomes? With predictive analytics you can.

By combining not just clinical and claims data but also behavioral, demographic, geographic, pharmacy claims, attitudinal, response data and more you can create a complete picture of your patient. That information can help determine which treatment options an individual is most likely to accept thereby boosting the chance their care plan will succeed.

The strategy is Next Best Action. It leverages custom predictive models infused with OptumIQ TM to prioritize interventions according to:

  • The clinical value of that engagement opportunity
  • An individual’s propensity to take action on it

Currently used in Optum call centers, it gives health care advisors the information they need in near real time to customize the recommended treatment for each patient.

This is an ultimate goal of population health management – the ability to use big data and advanced analytics to spot trends and uncover insights that allow providers to offer the best, most efficient care possible to each patient.

Click here to explore an infographic showcasing how the Next Best Action strategy delivers cost savings while improving patient outcomes. The infographic gives an example of two patients with the same symptoms – lower back pain and signs of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) – and the average savings achieved when care options are rated by a patient’s propensity to accept the treatment.


About the Author:

Leslie CozattLeslie Cozatt currently serves as Campaign Director, OptumIQ. She directs the development of content that spotlights the role of data and analytics in health care.

She brings to her role more than 20 years of experience developing B2B and B2C integrated marketing campaigns for companies including ThreeWire, Eliance and 3M.

Leslie attended the University of Minnesota and graduated from Wellington College with a BS in international business & communication.

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