Interaction analytics: Harnessing the power of conversation to improve the consumer experience

Companies like Amazon, Zappos and Netflix continue to raise the bar. Consumer expectations related to service and tailored experiences have risen accordingly. Retail may have set the stage for these new norms, but consumers are increasingly expecting higher levels of service when interacting with all types of organizations — including health plans.

To meet these expectations, health plans continue to look for innovative ways to engage their members with a tailored, custom approach. Today, nearly 95 percent of leaders say providing a good consumer experience is their top strategic priority.1

Exceeding consumer expectations will be an ongoing focus. Yet the good news is your existing data can hold the keys to improving the consumer experience. Mining this data to reveal opportunities within consumer interactions can be the first step to building a more tailored approach.

A well-executed analytics strategy focused on leveraging consumer interaction data can improve a health plan contact center’s overall operational performance, reduce costs and enhance consumer satisfaction.



To learn more about how to leverage and implement interaction analytics within your organization, download this executive summary.



Harnessing the right talent, processes and technologies can help you develop analytics focused on consumer interactions. This will help you answer important questions, including:

  • Why do members cancel?
  • What competitive offerings lure members away?
  • What member needs do we not meet?
  • What additional information can be provided today so the member doesn’t have to call back next week?

Consumer interaction analytics, combined with social media mining and consumer profiles, can enable you to get a holistic perspective of your members. In turn, this helps you build models that help determine how to best handle each interaction and drive outcomes including:

  • Reducing repeat calls and increasing first-time response
  • Making interactions relevant and rewarding from the start
  • Addressing caller’s needs earlier and reducing hold time
  • Eliminating unnecessary agent tasks and reducing call volume

Among the millions of interactions within your consumer conversations, there are many insights waiting to be discovered. Leveraging those recorded moments, identifying those insights and making them actionable sets the foundation for profound organizational learning and business improvement.

1 Forrester, 2016.

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