Blinkers on: It’s time to move into the value-based care fast lane

amanda-skinnerProviders and payers are converging and seeing new opportunities to collaborate to improve care quality and control costs under new value-based care models.  Increasingly, providers are evolving to take more accountability for cost of care and patient outcomes—issues historically laid at payers’ feet.

However, providers must continue to operate in a fee-for-service environment while transitioning to alternative payment models. An Optum article in HealthLeaders details how hospitals and health systems are using actionable information about their clinical and financial performance to negotiate with payers. The article shows how providers must:

  • Create a blended view of clinical and payer data to build both individual patient and population-level views
  • Integrate data sources in real time to create a comprehensive picture of patient care and reimbursement
  • Collaborate with payers to find ways to operate off shared data

Click here to read the HealthLeaders article and see why providers and payers must learn to collaborate and run their businesses using a shared source of truth.


About the Author:

Amanda Skinner, Vice President and General Manager, Managed Value and Risk Analytics

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