Analytics provides “one report card” for physicians

#5in5_Blog_BannerIn today’s health care, there are a lot of players – and a lot of payers, each with their own standards for evaluating physicians and the care they provide. As Greg Kile, CEO of the analytics firm Populytics, explains in an Optum® video, his company’s top 10 payers have 176 different metrics.

Being washed over by that cascade of data would discourage any doctor or clinician – but that’s where data analytics come into the picture. Analytics can turn that fire hose flow into a single actionable report.

“Populytics is working with payers to actually take that information and standardizing information so that our physicians will get one payer performance report from us representing multiple payers,” says Kile.

“That in itself has proven to be very positive for our physicians in that they can see their report card for all of their payer activity.”

To learn more, listen to the Optum Provider #5in5 video that features Kile, answering five questions in five minutes about data-for-doctors. He discusses lessons learned from using analytics to track patient outcomes and improve patient engagement.


About the Author:

Leslie Cozatt currently serves as director of Marketing, Optum Provider – Thought Leadership and Content Strategy. She directs the development of content that spotlights the role of data analytics in healthcare – specifically the transition to value-based care, risk management and population health management. She brings to her role more than 20 years of experience developing B2Leslie CozattB and B2C integrated marketing campaigns for companies including ThreeWire, Eliance and 3M. Leslie attended the University of Minnesota and graduated from Wellington College with a BS in international business & communication

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