Taking a three-pronged approach to personalizing the consumer journey


The health care market is in the midst of transformative change. Demographic shifts and regulatory and societal changes are intensifying pressures on consumers and health systems alike. As consumers take on personal responsibility for their care while navigating a complex and dynamic market, businesses are challenged to differentiate themselves by delivering value, innovation and exceptional consumer experiences.




Customer experience happens at the intersection of customer intent and delivery of your brand promise. Your industry competition is not your customer experience competition; your competition is the great brands that understand and flawlessly execute customer experience. Health plans have more data about consumers than ever before. Today, in the age of the consumer, that translates into high expectations for tailored outreach strategies and services. But how do you get from a massive set of disparate data points to a personalized consumer interaction?

Today’s contact centers are at times the only “voice” a consumer or member hears from their health plan. Furthermore, it is critical that access is diverse and available via phone, email, chat or web. It must also represent the plan as a “brand ambassador” demonstrating the values of the plan and its unique qualities. These various communication touch points are relationship builders that are vital in reaching retention and service satisfaction goals.

A systematic, three-pronged approach translates the consumer experience into a “Personalized Journey,” as portrayed below.


Start with data. Help your customers feel like you know them by using data as an results-image2  asset to create a unique experience.



tools-image3 Incorporate system tools to make information readily accessible and easy to use across all customer touch points.



communicate_image4Align with your organizational culture. Every touch point represents a unique opportunity for customers to experience your brand.


Embracing consumers on this “Personalization Journey” with their plan improves not only their experience, but is beneficial for all stakeholders. Learn more.

Join Jessica Conley at the AHIP Consumer Experience & Digital Health Forum on December 6 in Chicago as she presents “Leveraging Personalized Interactions for Consumer Engagement.”


About the Author:

Jessica Conley
Vice President, Consumer Sales and Service

Jessica is responsible for product strategy for Optum Distribution’s call centers. She assesses current and emerging marketplace needs and trends to drive product strategy and capability development for the contact center solutions and services offered to all clients driving customer acquisition, loyalty, and retention. These solutions leverage industry best practices and Optum innovations to span the continuum of people, process and technology in the health care arena.

Jessica served as a panel expert and moderator at multiple large scale Service Delivery Best Practice Summits and most recently, presented at ContactCenterWorld resulting in gold winner status for technology innovation and best mega contact center.

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