Identify the linchpin to cultural change

#5in5_Blog_BannerThere are hurdles that make implementing an analytics platform a unique challenge. But at its core the job is really one of change management.

The linchpin to any cultural change is clinical and administrative leadership.

Dr. Lewis Sandy, senior vice president of clinical advancement for UnitedHealth Group, says leadership is probably the most difficult requirement to generate and in the shortest supply.

“Once you have the building blocks in place for change, the challenge is actually getting your system — your physicians, your clinical staff, your support staff — to start to do things differently, and that’s a leadership exercise,” Dr. Sandy said.

How do you lead?

Employees and staff will likely react differently to proposals for change – including those for adding analytics into the workflow. Some may adapt quickly while others will resist or even display signs of fear or anger.

Executives can lead by being ready for questions and ready to share answers transparently, according to Sameera Ahmed senior healthcare data analyst for Populytics, a population health management firm and subsidiary of Lehigh Valley Health Network.

She says the analytics tool in use at Lehigh Valley has helped provide those important answers.

“(Staff members) want to know where the sources of the data are coming from how it’s being recorded. That’s what’s great about the tool is that there is excellent data definition within every variable that we use in our analyses,” says Ahmed.

“We can reply precisely where this data is coming from. Is it coming from the electronic medical record? Is it coming from payer data sources or scheduling? We always have an answer.”

Take five minutes to learn from Ahmed about the hurdles of implementing an analytics tool.

In the latest #5in5 episode  she answers five questions in five minutes on:

-Addressing user experiences that will differ by staff role
-Sharing data and results
-Working data in to workflow

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