Transforming health care together — reflecting on Optum Forum 2016

Our week in Anaheim, California, was filled with engaging discussions, education and networking for more than 1,100 health care stakeholders from across the industry. We were joined by Optum leaders, subject-matter experts, and executives and professionals representing health plans, life sciences companies, government agencies, employers and provider organizations.general-session-bill-miller-and-dr-nester

Optum clients collaborated with solution experts to present ideas, give feedback and discuss product insights, as well as learn more about how their solution investments will continue to evolve to meet their needs. Executives and leaders tackled tough issues like predictive and actionable insights, population health, the rise of consumerism, improving quality and reducing costs, and strategic planning.

hands-on-sessionFurther emphasizing the week’s theme of transforming health care together, Optum Forum 2016 wrapped up with a half day of sessions focused on collaboration and client success. Optum experts offered clients a view of the road maps for their solution investments in morning breakout sessions. An inspirational keynote address by Michael J. Fox and the inaugural Optum Transformation in Health Care awards ceremony provided examples of how, by working collaboratively within and outside their organizations, stakeholders across the industry are transforming health care for the consumer.

The first annual Transformation in Health Care awards were given to four Optum partners who are making an extraordinary impact on the health care system in three areas of transformational change: modernizing infrastructure, advancing care and empowering consumers. According to Optum Executive Vice President and Enterprise Growth Officer Eric Murphy, all four of these organizations have two things in common: Each is having an extraordinary impact on the health system and Optum is proud to call these organizations partners:

General Electric
GE has demonstrated a core commitment to innovation and empowering their employees. GE’s Moms on the Move program makes it possible for new mothers to safely ship breast milk back home to their newborns while on business travel. Employee satisfaction at their Hip and Knee Replacement Center stands at over 90 percent, and it has produced savings of 20 percent. And their Specialty Drug Center of Excellence program is reducing drug costs by introducing the first bundle for high-cost specialty drugs.

Lehigh Valley Health Network

Lehigh is a true pioneer in the use of analytics and predictive modeling to improve care. In just one year after Lehigh put initiatives in place to identify at-risk patients and close gaps in care, they realized savings of 6 million dollars by providing better care and delivering a better patient experience.

Wilmington Health
Wilmington is redefining how health care organizations operate. Under the leadership of Jeff James, they have adopted a unique culture of leadership around service, innovation and transparency. Wilmington is improving the health care experience through increased patient participation in clinical research, and employees are incentivized and held accountable for delivering game-changing innovations. Wilmington is a leader in measuring and transparently sharing all of their performance data to improve care. And this approach is delivering results. ER visits are down over 20 percent and the overall cost of care is down nearly 40 percent.

The University of California Health System
The UC Health System is improving the quality of life for millions of Californians by using advanced analytics and research. Through their five nationally ranked medical centers and six medical schools, the UC Health System is bringing to life their core missions of patient care, teaching and research. Their impact is seen and felt in the charity care they provide to the uninsured, by training tomorrow’s health leaders and conducting research on everything from treating AIDS to cancer.

Each recipient was awarded a $10,000 donation made to the charity of their choice, which included the National Alliance on Mental Illness, the American Cancer Society, the Muscular Dystrophy Association and the Alzheimer’s Association, respectively.

Thank you for being part of our journey as we, along with other partners and clients, continue to work together to transform health care. And we hope to see you at Optum Forum next year!

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