AHIP Institute & Expo focuses on complex priorities for payers

What are the biggest disruptors to our health system, and what is their potential impact on your future business strategies?

How can improved infrastructure and technology benefit clinical care, increase efficiencies and reduce costs?

How do we build long-term relationships with consumers?

These questions and more will be addressed during the AHIP Institute & Expo, June 15–17, in Las Vegas, Nevada — an event that brings together thousands of health care professionals to share ideas on reinventing health care.

A new health care marketplace is taking shape — one that presents greater quality, cost and compliance pressures. The pressure is on health plans to institutionalize lean process management and drive consumer-centric process improvements. Optum® is pleased to present two sessions at AHIP that will directly address these priorities with a focus on achieving operational excellence, and integrating local care coordination and delivery systems to drive greater value.

Health plans having the most success at driving efficient, dexterous and agile operations are leveraging business process solutions (BPM) and technologies to reduce costs, develop consumer-centric enterprises and deliver operational efficiencies that free up working capital. There isn’t one path to becoming an agile enterprise — each health plan must find the solutions and processes that work for their specific needs.

The industry continues to focus on the challenge of escalating medical spend while resources are limited for engaging and delivering the spectrum of care required to manage populations at risk. Collaborations across payers, providers and consumers will be essential to reducing costs, and improving clinical and quality outcomes. One avenue to these outcomes is to explore care models that derive value by integrating care programs with local resources and the delivery system.

We will discuss these solutions in-depth at the AHIP Institute & Expo. Please visit https://www.optum.com/about/events/ahip-2016.html to register for the Optum special sessions.

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