Preparing your organization for value-based care

Being prepared is sound strategy in all areas of life. The Boy Scouts live by it. Homeowners in hurricane zones stay ready for the worst. And health care executives know it’s the secret to longevity in the helter-skelter world in which they operate.

Preparation is even more important now that value-based reimbursement is building momentum. Value-based care requires organizations to serve broader patient populations. Keeping healthy patients healthy and managing high-risk patients is key.

As providers round the preparation curve on the journey to value-based care, how do they keep clinical needs and administrative needs from outpacing each other? How can they prepare their employees and affiliated staff for changing their practices to fit a value-based model and making their organizations even more patient-centered?

Some providers may wince at idea of becoming more patient-centered. Isn’t everything they do focused on the patient? Of course, the desired outcome in the view of health care providers is better patient health. However, providers should ask themselves whether their processes are putting up roadblocks for patients to make things easier for doctors and nurses.

In our next post, we’ll discuss how innovative organizations are eliminating roadblocks by rethinking care delivery models and aligning incentives to build a more patient-centered model.

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  1. One thing providers can do is partner with community based nonprofits that serve high risk communities. For example, Memphis based A Step Ahead Foundation is a poverty prevention program that educated women about long acting reversible birth control options and will underwrite out of pocket costs for her. What is the value in terms of better patient outcomes if a woman waits until she is out of her young teens to have a baby or spaces her babies? One or two high risk pregnancies and births versus supporting an agency like A Step Ahead with a grant or donation? Plus much better outcomes for mom and baby?

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