Learn about new impacts to health plans with OnTrend.

Denise Louden“What’s next?” That’s a difficult question to answer given how quickly the health care industry changes. And meeting the demands of the day doesn’t leave much time to stay on top of the key issues impacting our industry during this period of unprecedented change.

That’s why we started OnTrend. This bimonthly bite-sized report provides a laser-focused snapshot of the trends impacting health plans today. In each issue, we’ll break down the trend, its contributing factors, key statistics and impact for your organization. We’ll also offer insights and suggested next steps as you consider potential response options.OnTrend

The best part of OnTrend is that it’s packaged in a format that can be reviewed in less than five minutes.

Trending in our first issue: Telehealth

While most agree telehealth is a viable, convenient and lower cost alternative for acute care, it’s gaining serious traction in enhancing chronic care management.

Download Optum OnTrend, Telehealth: The future of chronic care monitoring.

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Denise Louden, Senior Marketing Director, Payer Solutions

As Marketing Director within the payer segment at Optum, Denise drives brand awareness and engagement programs to educate health plans on how to succeed in today’s marketplace. She holds a Master of Business Communication from the University of St. Thomas.

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