Forge ahead in your journey to a new world of health care

Health care executives like you are finding themselves in a precarious position. You need to evolve your organization’s payment structure to revolve around value, while still taking advantage of the fee-for-service contracts that pay the bills.

Whether you’re an administrator, a clinical leader, a compliance executive, a financial officer or technology chief, how will you help your company shift its focus and align with new industry standards? It’s a critical question that must be answered with care, but this much is true: your organization’s evolution will be unique. There isn’t one single road map that will take you down the road to value-based care.

You need to be a trailblazer for your institution; its success depends on how you use your expertise to advance from the old model of providing care to a new model of managing population health.

While there may not be a map that applies to all providers, there is advice that all organizations would be wise to heed on their journey from providing care to managing health. Check out a new Optum video — “The Provider Journey” — to see how you can get started.

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