The future is where big data intersects small data says Weintraub

Everyone talks about big data, the aggregate information that can be studied, and, using predictive analytics, help patients in a variety of disease cohorts, said Michael Weintraub, President and CEO, Optum Analytics, in an interview conducted at the Forbes HealthCare Summit. Yet, he continued, small data is often overlooked. Small data is your personal data.

“The future is where big data intersects small data,” said Weintraub, who has handled health care data since the late ‘70s. “And where the world needs to move – and it is starting to happen in pockets – is where the small data and the big data are connected and overlaid so you can understand you and you can understand 50- to 100-million Americans, and then look at the cohort that is most similar to you and discover opportunities.”

Weintraub said the convergence of big and small data would drive patients to better decision making about their health care. Combining the two lets the patient answer the question, “What does this mean for me?”

“This is the next wave of evolution but it is not there yet,” said Weintraub.

Want to hear more about the intersection of big data and small data and how analytics can help health care organizations improve patient care, upgrade population health, and decrease costs?

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