Engaging the patient key to future data sharing says Weintraub

The payers, employers, providers, government as a payer, pharmaceutical firms, bio-tech firms, and other health care participants are at the heart of using the information provided by analytical software, said Michael Weintraub, President and CEO, Optum Analytics, in an interview conducted at the Forbes HealthCare Summit. The challenge, he said, is engaging the patient in the process. There are hundreds if not thousands of disparate enterprise software systems that need to bring together vital information so that the view of the patient and the physician is all in one place.

“For the first time we are seeing initiatives where all those stakeholders are starting to come together, and working together with that information is still a fraction of the opportunity,” said Weintraub, who has handled health care data since the late ‘70s. “The consumer is still the unknown big opportunity.”

Weintraub said the industry must allow the patient to engage with the health care system in ways that they are not today.

“You have dozens if not hundreds of choices of information,” said Weintraub. “You still see individuals carrying their x-rays from the hospital to the clinic. You still see tests being repeated because the information does not follow the patient from care setting to care setting. You still see decision making based on this information.”

Want to hear more about engaging patients in their own health care and how analytics can help health care organizations improve patient care, upgrade population health, and decrease costs?

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