Weintraub believes data usage needs next wave of evolution

When you take a look at all the data systems that the health care industry as a whole has in place, Michael Weintraub, President and CEO, Optum Analytics, said in an interview conducted at the Forbes HealthCare Summit, the challenge is that there are hundreds if not thousands of disparate enterprise software systems that need to bring together vital information so that the view of the patient and the physician is all in one place.

“Basic plumbing is in place, but it is not working,” said Weintraub, who has worked with health care data since the late ‘70s. “In health care, that plumbing is not all connected.”

Weintraub said a significant next wave of evolution of the enterprise software is required.

“We can’t wait because there is a bubble; the health care system has to move very quickly from where it is today to where it needs to go, from a system that is health care oriented to health focused,” said Weintraub.

Want to hear more about the future evolution of data and how analytics can help health care organizations improve patient care, upgrade population health, and decrease costs?

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