Weintraub foresees future data usage exploding

The amount and depth of health care information on individual patients and entire populations is huge and growing larger by the day, Michael Weintraub, President and CEO, Optum Analytics, said in an interview conducted at the Forbes HealthCare Summit, and this data represents a tremendous opportunity to influence the decision making process.

“The capabilities are there to harness information that could historically not be harnessed before,” said Weintraub, who has worked with health care data since the late ‘70s. “There is opportunity to move from a focus on putting basic transaction systems in place to starting to use information, to use analytics, to enable information-driven decision making in a variety of places.”

Weintraub sees information being used at the point of care, whether it is the consuming patient who is looking at information in the home, or the physician, nurse, or caregivers across treatment settings, which could be in a hospital, in the doctor’s office, at the pharmacy, or in specialty care.

“I think we are seeing the coming together of an information hub that even a few years ago wasn’t possible because everybody was putting the basic plumbing in place,” said Weintraub.

Want to hear more about future data usages and how analytics can help health care organizations improve patient care, upgrade population health, and decrease costs? Watch video below:

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