Client-focused solution tracks and educational sessions take center stage at Optum Forum.

Maximizing investments and elevating organizational performance was the focus at Optum Forum Thursday as provider and health plan clients engaged with Optum experts and industry peers in solution focused tracks and educational sessions.

Several sessions were led by clients who have implemented Optum solutions to better manage processes within their own organizations. Case studies, demos and early adopter results comprised many presentations, giving attendees a real-world perspective into how Optum solutions and services could address their business needs. Attendees also had the opportunity to share feedback with Optum experts that will help to enhance solution offerings and guide product road maps.

With the lines between segments beginning to blur, there was substantial crossover of provider and plan clients throughout the day’s sessions. The questions and conversations that arose showed that providers and health plans share similar expectations regarding solutions that will help them innovate and implement change within their organizations:

  • Solutions need to be flexible and customizable, and work just as well when utilized by small organizations as they do for larger health plans and health systems.
  • Solutions that allow for increased collaboration between providers and health plans, as well as within internal teams, play a critical role in helping to improve care and reduce costs.
  • Technology that streamlines operations, improves efficiencies and reduces manual processes are high on priority lists. As much as possible, manual processes that monopolize staff time and increase the potential for errors need to be eliminated.

Facts and figures: Results from client studies and early adopters

Several clients shared the results they had achieved after implementing Optum solutions. A couple noteworthy ones:

  • A large health plan implemented Optum™ Collaborate — a secure, virtual workspace that allows payers and providers to connect to resolve claims issues — within their existing work systems. After nine months, the client recorded a 40 percent reduction in emails and phone calls, which in turn led to a 700 percent increase in claims researched, resulting in 40 percent faster payments.
  • A health care system used Optum Enterprise CAC as an early adopter of ICD-10. While many industry experts estimate ICD-10 productivity loss to be 30 to 50 percent, the provider found that in 18 months and 32,000 ICD-10 coded cases, their productivity loss much lower, measuring in the 18 to 20 percent range.

2015 Optum Forum concludes today

With the Optum Forum concluding today, it should be noted that there are not many opportunities to bring people and organizations, from across the health care system, together in one place. It has been an outstanding week of engagement and conversations, and we look forward to continuing this dialogue with our clients and industry partners as we work to transform health care.

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