Is your organization data rich but insight poor?

The good news: more than 80 percent of doctors have electronic health records (EHRs) and more than 90 percent of hospitals have EHRs. The not-so-good news: 30 percent of hospitals use a data mining or a warehousing tool, while 80 percent of EHR data is unstructured. There’s lots of data available, but what insights are health care organizations gleaning from it?

Here are five steps organizations can take to get the most out of their data:

  •  See data through multiple lenses: Using advanced analytics, your data can reveal much about your market. You can find out more about the socio-demographic makeup of your market, which patients and segments of the population cost the most to care for, and the percentage of the population who are at greatest risk.
  • Find opportunities for intervention: When you see all of the information that your data can offer, learn from it. Utilizing analytics, find the populations that not only exhibit high-risk but also are the most likely to be helped through clinical interventions.
  • Plan your interventions: With opportunities for intervention identified, make the interventions happen. Create a plan for targeted outreach and care coordination for high-risk patients with the highest likelihood for improving.
  • Measure intervention success: With your intervention plan in place, determine whether the plan is working. Use a scientific approach to determine which interventions make the biggest difference in your high-risk population.
  • Continuously improve: Now that you have gained insights from your data, use those insights to continuously improve:
    • Refine your population analysis
    • Find new opportunities for intervention
    • Improve your intervention strategies
    • Cultivate richer success measures

For a graphical view of how to utilize your data for patient and population health, see the infographic “Data Rich, Insight Poor” on pages 36-37 of the Spring 2015 edition of RISKMATTERS.

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