5 reasons why Medicaid agencies should use cloud-based services

To what degree has your state made the move to cloud-based services? More and more states are successfully implementing data processing and hosting solutions in the cloud. These anything-as-a-service (XaaS) solutions can be more cost-effective and responsive to changing needs. When will your state Medicaid agency get on-board?

To help you overcome any concerns, here are five reasons why you should consider moving to the cloud.

  1. Adoption is fast and easy. Time devoted to installing, migrating, testing and deploying solutions can be done by the cloud providers, leading to a more streamlined transition. Cloud-based solutions enable you to take rapid advantage of new applications as they become available.
  1. Features are updated continuously. The traditional model for business applications requires upgrades and additional IT investment to take advantage of new features. When you use cloud-based solutions, the upgrade path is streamlined, as the latest features to improve functionality and security are seamlessly upgraded for all clients as soon as they are upgraded for one. This allows states to react more nimbly and make more informed decisions.
  1. Flexibility is intrinsic to the cloud environment. One of the distinct advantages of the cloud over traditional outsourcing is the ability to expand and contract your IT system on demand, so you can implement change when needed. Medicaid agencies may require new features for applications, new functionalities, new users or different applications altogether. These can be handled by the provider, conserving your IT resources.
  1. Costs are lower. Using cloud services lowers infrastructure and maintenance investments, saving you money on IT resources. For example, subscription pricing models allow for more flexibility in licensing than traditional models do, including “pay-as-you-go” type models.
  1. IT burdens can be shifted. By switching to the cloud, your IT leadership can focus on overall strategy and monitoring instead of compliance issues, IT infrastructure, explosive data growth and moving-target endpoints.

All of these benefits allow your Medicaid agency to focus on reducing program costs and improving overall health outcomes and access to care.

For more information on the advantages of a cloud-based solution, read our article, “Expanding cloud-based services.

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