Welcoming veterans to the workforce? EAP management consultation services can help.

Zachary MeyerPut yourself in the shoes, for a moment, of the returning military veteran you’ve just hired.

The corporate environment feels strange, even foreign. In the military, you followed a clear chain of command. Orders were clear-cut; you knew your mission. When deployed, you formed close bonds with your fellow service men and women. You lived side-by-side and ate together daily.

Today at your new office or plant, lines of authority are blurry. Team leaders change from project to project. Priorities shift. Unspoken rules and customs seem to be understood by everyone but you. Many co-workers telecommute and communicate only digitally. You hardly ever see some of them face to face. You miss the camaraderie you enjoyed in the service.

Now put your employer’s hat back on. You appreciate the skills, training and discipline that veterans bring to your workforce. So you want to help them with their transition to civilian work life. Doing so will help them be their most productive and gain a sense of accomplishment. One place to turn is your employee assistance program (EAP) and its management consultation services.

EAP management consultants work with managers to address the emotional, medical and financial challenges that some vets may face as they re-enter civilian life and work. Management consultants can advise on ways to welcome and support returning vets, drawing from the experience of other companies like yours.

They can help managers identify employees who are struggling with their transitions and how to best support them. That may include ensuring employees know about the availability of well-being, work/life support and financial consultation programs available through your EAP.

Think of EAP management consultation services as part of your human resources team – strengthening your organization by supporting your leaders.

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–Zachary J. Meyer

About the author

Zachary J. Meyer is senior vice president of employee assistance and well-being programs at Optum. He has extensive experience in developing and managing employee assistance, work/life and well-being programs that increase workforce productivity and resiliency.

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