Walk the walk: 3 tips for creating a culture of health

According to the Optum Wellness in the Workplace Study, 87% of employers report that health management solutions are an important component of their benefits mix. And over half of larger employers now offer health assessments, wellness coaching, fitness challenges and health and wellness websites.1

But how can employers engage employees and create a culture of health?

Consider these tips:

  • Get creative. Think about simple initiatives you can launch throughout the year. Perhaps it’s a lunchtime walking club or weekly yoga classes. Think about your culture. Would employees be more likely to join a healthy recipe swap or sign up for a 10k run together? Offer a variety of options, and meet people where they are in their personal healthy journeys.
  • Leverage your physical environment. What’s in your vending machines? Are you choosing doughnuts or fresh fruit for your meeting snacks? Take a look at your workspace, and consider how you can reinforce smart daily health decisions. 61% of companies have smoke-free campuses, and 38% have improved access to drinking water.1
  • Combine high-tech and high-touch approaches. Meet employees where they are: online and through mobile devices. But don’t forget about the importance of face-to-face interaction.

To learn more, read the Fifth Annual Wellness in the Workplace Study.

¹ Optum Wellness in the Workplace Study 2013

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