Now it’s “my health AND my money”

With the growth of consumer-driven heath plans, consumers are increasingly concerned about how they will pay for their health care. They no longer view health expenses as something paid for by their employers or health care plans, yet they don’t necessarily have the information or the money they need to make the right choices.

  • 58% say they don’t know what information they can trust.1
  • 75% don’t fully understand their insurance benefits.1
  • 47% don’t know what services cost, so they say it’s hard to make decisions.2

As a result, consumers are making less-than-optimal choices about the care they receive 46% of the time.3 That could mean avoiding care, or it could mean getting care from a provider that doesn’t meet quality standards or charges far beyond standard rates.

So how can you give your employees the information and support they need to make the best choices for their health and their wallet? Health Care Advisors at Optum can help employees navigate the system which can make it easy to find the right care at the right time and help them understand the costs. These types of services can save employers time and resources and help their employees to:

  1. Get information and resources to help simplify the health care system for them
  2. Help them identify opportunities to save on prescriptions and health care getting the right care, with the right provider at the right time
  3. Use analytics and tools to close gaps in care helping them navigate their health and the system

To learn more, please view ‘Mary’s Experience with Health Care Advisor


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2 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “Health Literacy”; April 2011
3 UnitedHealthcare® book of business analysis, 2010 claims data. Based on our analysis of 25 million decisions.
A less optimal health care decision is defined as one in which for the member there was at least one alternative decision that could have potentially resulted in improved health results over time.

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