Intriguing insights help identify next steps in creating a culture of health

Beena ThomasAmong large employers, 62% say it’s important to establish a culture of health. Yet only 23% say they’ve achieved it. Findings like this from the Fifth Annual Wellness in the Workplace Study reveal that while companies are strongly committed to workplace wellness, most still struggle with achieving a true culture of health. Our study of more than 500 respondents from small, medium and large employers across the nation provides insight into trends in workplace wellness. Key findings include:

  • 40% of employers plan to increase spending on employee health management over the next three years.
  • Overall, companies offer an average of 8 health management programs. For large companies, the average is 9.
  • 81% of companies offer incentives, with a rising interest in rewarding specific health outcomes.
  • 69% of employers have made or are considering changes to their physical work environment to encourage healthy behaviors.

These findings provide intriguing insights into how companies’ workplace wellness strategies are evolving. Areas of opportunity include increasing the penetration of health-enabling, on-site programs such as fitness centers and classes, as well as advocacy programs, case management and transparency tools.

Across the country, companies of all sizes continue to invest in health management programs and look to build a culture of health in an effort to promote wellness. Whether you currently have a health management program or are looking to develop one, you can leverage key insights from our survey to achieve increased engagement — and ultimately achieve a true culture of health at work.

To learn more, read the Fifth Annual Wellness in the Workplace Study.

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