Putting the patient first: Innovative care models and patient engagement

Cynthia KilroyNow that the concept of using data and analytics to manage the health of an attributed population is widely accepted, it’s time to move the conversation toward the next step: innovative care models and patient engagement. Payers and providers must not assume that stratifying clinical risk and enrolling high risk patients in care management will result in engaged patients. The next step is to make patient care more patient centric.

Cynthia Kilroy, Optum’s senior vice president of solution strategy and business development, discussed the convergence of care model redesign and patient engagement yesterday at Population Health Alliance Forum.2health_tweet1

Merging risk segments data with patient attitudinal information can lay the foundation for a truly patient-centric care delivery approach. Such an approach must be grounded in a deeper understanding of patient behavior. Who are they apart from their medical record? Are they aware of their medical needs and do they have the confidence to make health decisions? Health care providers need to get beyond the data to make a rational and emotional connection with patient.

Thanks to Gregg Masters (@2healthguru) for the tweets, to see more visit his profile or follow us at @Optum_Provider.









Download Cynthia’s presentation: Putting Patients First

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