Companies succeed in engaging employees in their health and wellness

One of the world’s largest global airlines, Delta has approximately 76,000 employees and 170,000 health plan members. And, due to the nature of its business, reaching all those employees poses a significant challenge.

Delta looked to Optum’s Personal Health Support (PHS-TP) solution for an innovative approach including:

  • Comprehensive activation strategy that drives engagement across multiple, convenient modalities
  • Member-defined interventions that deliver services across the full health and wellbeing spectrum
  • A custom wellness brand, Delta Health Direct, that offers employees 24/7 support

Delta Health Direct includes an extensive in-bound calling initiative and uses Optum’s extensive data analytics capabilities to identify all clinical opportunities for each member. It uses outbound efforts to reach those with the highest potential savings and the highest likelihood to engage, achieving:

  • >60% increased engagement in clinical and lifestyle management programs
  • 2% combined medical expense savings and long-term avoided costs from 2011 to 20131
  • 53% increase in engagements related to high-risk conditions — stemming the tide of rising health care costs2
  • 13% increase in engagements related to lower-risk health needs — so today’s low-risk members no longer have to become tomorrow high-risk, high-cost members2

Wondering how your organization can increase its employees’ engagement in their health while controlling medical costs? Keep these tips in mind:

  • Get beyond demographics. Make sure your wellness initiatives are based on a deep understanding of what motivates your population and unique barriers.
  • Don’t rely on employees to act. Implement outbound efforts to target members with the highest potential for medical savings and the highest likelihood to engage.
  • Build consistency. An annual health fair alone isn’t going to accomplish the shift in culture you’re looking for. Use multiple touch-points, from emails to onsite wellness specialists, to build relevant, engaging messaging.
  • Make getting engaged convenient. Look for convenient, multi-modal options for employees to get the personalized support they need. Delta Health Direct makes its services clear with videos, FAQs and more at

For the full case study, please download “Delta Takes Employee Health and Wellness to the Next Level.

1 2012-2013 Real-Time Leading Indicator Data for large national employer client.
2 2012 Real-Time Leading Indicator Data

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