Better knowledge of your patients can lead to higher quality care

Congestive heart failure is a major source of health care costs in the United States. About 5.1 million people in the United States have the disease, costing the nation an estimated $32 billion each year. But providers can and should make a difference in the care of CHF to reduce not only costs but harm to quality of life.

Organizations have a new secret weapon in CHF care management: advanced analytics. Using sophisticated analytic tools, they can segment their patient population and devise effective care management programs. Retooling their approach from a reactive model to one that is driven by predictive, proactive intervention, providers can improve the quality of their care and reduce health care costs.

Using natural language processing to analyze echocardiogram results, for example, renders notes on ejection fractions structured and reportable, allowing physicians to better assess their CHF patients’ risk.

The Mayo Clinic Health System is piloting a CHF predictive model that brings together in-depth clinical, diagnostic and demographic data to identify patients at highest risk for admission within the next six months. Mayo Clinic users review and export lists ofJeremy Orr, MD, MPH these patients for outreach and coordination. They can then track the impact of this work by comparing benchmark hospitalization rates for the CHF population to the true outcomes for the coordinated population.

In addition to identifying and acting on gaps in care, organizations can also use analytics to track clinical, operational and financial performance.

Dashboard reports, for instance, can provide valuable insight into clinical performance, laying the groundwork for initiatives designed to promote physician practice of evidence-based medicine and drive improvements in quality, safety and efficiency. Gaining access to comprehensive longitudinal data can also help providers benchmark their practices against other practices across the country.

For more on using advanced analytics to better manage your patients, download our white paper:  “Maximize the value of CHF population management programs with advanced analytics”


–Jeremy Orr, MD, MPH, Chief Medical Officer, Optum Analytics

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