Data and analytics support one IPA’s risk-based business

In our last blog, we talked about how AppleCare Medical Group, an independent practice association in California, is helping manage patient risk by making sure its physicians are happy. Engaging physicians and keeping them on board as you move to risk-based reimbursement is a must, said AppleCare’s Surendra Jain, MD. Physicians will participate, he said, when they can receive great service and fair incentives.

AppleCareThis kind of high-touch service—along with operational excellence and advanced risk management—is what has made AppleCare the successful organization that it is.

AppleCare is part of Optum’s Collaborative Care delivery system for integrated care. AppleCare’s leaders see potential for growth and further risk-bearing as a result of the partnership.

One particular area of interest to Dr. Vinod is data and analytics. Even with AppleCare’s years of experience in modeling risk, adding Optum’s depth of data and its advanced analytic tools will further AppleCare’s ability to understand risk and convert it into opportunity. He sees Optum analytics being applied to risk stratification and patient access concerns.

The technology, Dr. Vinod said, will help AppleCare to clinically and financially model its risk, helping the practice stay at the forefront of health care.

To learn more about how AppleCare successfully manages risk, download the case study.

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