Optum Provider Exchange: Find direction, insights to navigating the road to managing health

Miracles happen every day in our current health system. The truth is, with exceptional health professionals and facilities, there is no better place to be for those who are injured or become suddenly ill.

Still, our health system is under immense pressure to meet fundamental changes in the needs of those it serves. People are living longer, and our understanding of chronic illnesses like heart disease and diabetes is growing more sophisticated every day. Consumers also expect higher levels of personalized service and greater control over their health decisions. The mechanisms for paying for health services are evolving to models that incent greater collaboration and increased quality.Ron Jones

We characterize this as a shift from delivering care to managing health. Optum helps our clients navigate their transition, while systematically and sustainably improving their service to patients, their communities and their broader missions.

One way we support this journey is by creating unique forums where health care leaders can learn from one another, as well as gain insights from leading experts and policy makers. The Optum Provider Exchange in September is one such opportunity.

Attendees to this year’s Optum Provider Exchange will hear from renowned policy leaders, including Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, who was a key advisor to those drafting the Affordable Care Act, and health care futurist Ian Morrison. The conference will also offer opportunities for attendees to see next generation technologies, applications and services from Optum and our event partners, which include Cisco, NetApp, EMC2, SAS, and RedHat.

By working together and sharing information, we can build a more collaborative, patient-centered health system that continues to drive innovations that make miracles possible. For more information about the Optum Provider Exchange and how you can participate, visit http://www.optumproviderexchange.com/.

Ron Jones, President of Provider Solutions at Optum

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