Do You Hate to be Late? Most People Do

In most every aspect of our lives, it pays to be on time. This is especially true for pharmaceutical companies under pressure to complete clinical trials quickly and effectively so they can bring new drugs to market sooner.

Unfortunately, clinical trials often are subject to costly delays, caused by the challenges inherent in finding the right trial investigators and recruiting the right patients. The good news is, innovative use of de-identified health care claims data is helping to address these problems.

Clinical trial operations executives can use de-identified claims data to help identify the geographic areas containing the highest concentrations of patients who meet the specific trial criteria. This same data can also help rank prospective investigators by the number of patients they treat who satisfy the trial protocol. Using this approach can:Bill Gwinn

  1. significantly improve trial planning;
  2. lead to more successful protocol designs; and
  3. reduce risks associated with expensive delays that were so prevalent in the past.

The ability to leverage de-identified health claims data is a win-win for life sciences companies now able to accelerate and reduce costs of clinical trials, and for patients who gain faster access to potentially lifesaving or quality of life enhancing treatments.

Optum has one of the nation’s largest health care claims databases. The database provides insights to the health conditions, treatments and outcomes of millions of people. Further, because it is a closed system, it contains extremely accurate data on both patients and investigators.

I recently spoke at the Summit for Clinical Operations Executives in Miami, Florida about the tools available to select the best investigator sites for clinical trials.  There are two ways to put Optum’s data and expertise to work for you.  Optum has a team of specialized analysts that can work closely with you and your team. Or we offer a web-based software system that will provide you direct access to the database and can generate a wide range of reports to help you do your job.

Download Bill’s recent article in PharmaVoice:  Locating Patients and Investigators_PharmaVOICE_June2012

Bill Gwinn

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